Virtue of Humility


‘’God resisteth the proud, and give to the humble”
1 Peter 5: 5c                               

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The beauty of Christianity is reflected in humility. It is a virtue expected to be demonstrated by genuinely converted believer. Whatsoever you may possess, whatever you might have achieved in life and whatsoever position you may find yourself let the totality of the glory be attributed unto God and not unto yourself. The bible says a man nothing except it be given him from above. All that we have in life are given through divine providence from God. Our actions, words, conducts and comportment should and must be characterized by lowliness of heart and humble spirit.

Pride is of the from the devil but humility comes from God. Pride leads to destruction and downfall but humility leads to exaltation and honour.


Lord always give me the grace to be humble in all areas of my life and deliver me from the spirit of pride.