Power In Your Tongue


"Death and life are the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof 
"Psalm 18: 12

image credit: raisingstickyhands.com

image credit: raisingstickyhands.com


It is a great discovery to recognize the authority and power behind our spoken words. The word we speak daily carries a dynamite. It has a force which could result in positive or negative consequence. what do you say to yourself daily, good or bad? Your spoken words can attract fortune or misfortune to you. It  can bring blessing or curse across your way. The choice is yours to know the right usage of your tongue. You can start to change the course of your life today through positive confession. Bear in mind that, "your confession determine your possession". Try positive confession today and prove whether good things in life will not continue to run after you.


Help me LORD to always have positive confession and let your spirit erase every negative confession from my mouth.