“Rejoice in the Lord always and I and again I say rejoice”
hilippians 4:4

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A joyful heart makes a joyful life. If a man is always happy and joyful, he is building a foundation for a prolonged life and enjoyable living. A cheerful look makes one approachable an attractive and it may bring favour. But a sorrowful and depressive mood and countenance do more harm than good.

More often than not, the situation and circumstances of life tend to make us sad and sorrowful. But in the midst of all these are good and cheerful is by choice. It is not a function of wealth, riches, success or fortune. All these are good and desirable, but even though you are short of all these, you can still choose to make yourself happy and glad. Always remember that “the joy of the Lord is your strength”


Lord, always fill my heart with joy and gladness and let your joy at all time be my strength.