Sailing through your academic life may, at times, seem challenging. Fortunately we have a Guidance Counseling Centre for that. The guidance and counseling of students is a very important aspect of the school’s mission. Students need adequate guidance from teachers or mentors to promote personal, educational and career development. Students are assigned to a counselor who mentors and advise them on their career part. Services provided by this department include:

  1. Self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-esteem
  2. Understanding others including the family
  3.  Effective communication skills
  4. Self-respect and self-direction
  5. Decision making, problem solving, and coping
  6. Career education


Adenike Akinsemolu
Guidance & Counseling Department Chair

Bola Ogedengbe
High School Counselor

Joke Ogunkoya
Primary School Counselor